Posted on: 24 February, 2020

Author: Chhaya Rampersad

Yoga is the best possible natural way to shape the body and enhance the inner strength of your body. Follow these five Yoga Classes near me for the best results. There is a notable difference between fitness programs and yoga. According to the present statistics, people are more opting for yoga to stay healthy. It is a natural way to get rid of the extra fat layers of your body as well as build the inner strength within your body. A simple practice of the correct postures every day, and you are going to get more fit than ever. Of course, you need guidance from an expert yoga master. 1.Cow face Arms: Kneel down and keep your right arm pointed at the ceiling. Now bend your right elbow slowly, keeping in mind that the right hand will fall between your shoulder blades. Now position your left hand just on the right elbow with a slow shift of weight. Stay there for five breathing counts. Now place your left arm down and bend the elbow so that the left-hand reaches the center of your back. Hold your right hand in that position. 2.Shoulder Opener on the Blocks: Keep two little blocks at the front. Then kneel and place your elbows on the two blocks. Now, join your hands in the way you do during praying. Release your head slowly between the blocks. You can reverse the position on your back. It will bring relief to your cervical pain. 3.8-Point Shoulder Opener: It is a very common yoga pose that you will get to learn at the Peaceful Yoga Classes in Ashok Nagar. You have to lie on the ground on your back. Now create a right angle with your right arm and body. Keep the palms facing up. Now clasp both the palms and breathe. It is a quite deep pose. But it will do wonder to your body, especially if you are suffering from neck pain. 4.Supported Fish: during setting, place your block behind you. You have to set the shoulder blades on the block and your head on the other block, just like a pillow. Rest your body by adjusting to the available space. It will help you to stretch your body without straining any muscle. 5. Forward stand with Shoulder Opener: Place your hands behind the sacrum while you are standing and clasp the palms. Now fold the body in a forward position and start breathing cycles of about five to ten times. The breathing technique must be deep breathing, as your yoga master will show you.  Read Also- Which Are The Easy Yoga poses to try At Home Without Much help?   Source: Free Articles from I am a blogger by profession targets topics like fitness and health-related, along with this I also write for Health education and human development. Gym in Mayur Vihar